A look at good web design features to improve Mendez

When it comes to websites, having a well designed website can be crucial to your business. Gone are the days when you would just create a simple HTML website template and attach a domain to it. With web 2.0, we have witnessed some websites with outstanding designs. That’s why we will look at some of the key web design features that your website should have. 

1. Page load: 

This is the most important aspect of any website. Keep in mind, web browsers are very impatient and are not going to wait around as your website takes forever to load. Having a cache plugin can help you increase the load speed of your website.

2. Text in relation to background:

The background does not in any way interrupt the text on your website. The color used on the text is easy to read and is not blurred by the background. The text should also be big enough to read but not too big as this will make your website appear messy. The information and it’s hierarchy is clear for one to understand.

3. Website navigation:

At one point, people will need to navigate your website. Having navigation buttons is an excellent choice. This navigation is available on each and every page that a reader visits. The navigation is important as it shows the user where they are at that particular moment in your website.

4. Links in your content:

Links are god for SEO and also for affiliate sales. But placing these links in the wrong place or having too many of them in your content, will make your website look spammy and will result in a huge bounce rate. Be strategic with your links as you use them. 

5. Website Graphics:

Your online business is a ‘Business’. That’s why you are supposed to invest in it. Get appealing and great images that compliment your business and also pleases your visitors. Having too many flashy graphics won’t work these days.

6. Too much ads:

We understand that you want to make money, but if you fill your website with too many ads, it will appear as an advertising center rather than a place where people come to get value. Use the ads well. One or two ads per page is enough.

So in conclusion …

Having a website is exciting. What’s more cool is having a website with a great design that won’t affect how people use your website. We hope these web design features will help you with your website.

About Me

So I know that I have titled this section About Me but I am pretty sure that none of you are really that interested in learning about me and my life, as it is actually not that exciting. But, some of the things that I am into and enjoy doing are actually much more exciting than me, so I will instead share these things with you.

Growing up, I have developed a love of a number of different things, taking every opportunity to get to doing them as often as I possibly can. Which brings me to here. Here I am going to share these amazing activities with you, tell you about how I got into them and what keeps me doing them, and hopefully get you into doing them too.